Programming Languages

I’m quite interested in all kinds of programming languages, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Currently I use

  • Java — not much to say here – a bit over-complicated due to the goal to abstract everything
  • JavaScript — which I would do more with the OO features (it’s prototyped, I know).
  • PHP — got to use it for web

Currently I’m checking out

  • Ruby — nice an mighty
  • Lua — tiny (30kB) and very flexible. Very fast for an interpreted language. Has a short and very clear language specification. Primary use is for embedding and games but in my opinion is a good general purpose language of it’s own too.

I tried

  • Smalltalk — Mother of OO. I love the concept but it’s hard to make normal programs with it as the concept is a workspace (world) consisting of IDE and your program/objects.
  • Python — didn’t like it due to things like special named methods __<something> required for this and that …
  • Pike — A scripting language with strong typing
  • REBOL — liked it quite at the beginning but it is very slow and quite confusing. The examples are cool but there are no larger programs done with it. Has it’s own GUI stuff though. Perhaps REBOL 3.0 will be better.
  • Io — a small prototyped language. But not very complete right now. Perhaps in a year or two …
  • LISP — great concept but gets quite complicated in details (got the Practical Common Lisp Book …)
  • newLISP — similar syntax to lisp – big drawback is, that parameters are always passed ‘by value’
  • Unicon — a OO version of Icon (didn’tdo much with it though)

I find interesting

  • Self — I like the Prototype OO idea, but the language itself and it’s GUI programming IDE seem quite complicated to me. Had influence to some other languages I tried (e.g. Io)

I used to use

  • C
  • C++
  • Modula-2

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